Course Modules




Major Courses                        Title                                                                     Unit

VTE 101HHE 111

HHE 113


HHE 115

HHE 161

HHE 163


Foundations of Vocational & Technical EducationIntroduction to Home Economics Education

Application of Basic Science in Home /Economics & Hospitality Mgt. Edu.

Creativity and Life Skill Education

Introduction of Hospitality Management/Services

Hospitality/Catering Equipment










BIO 151HND 211

FAA 101

General BiologyHuman Biochemistry for Nutrition

Basic Drawing 1




GSP 101                   The Use of English                                                             2


Major Courses          Title                                                                                         Unit

HHE 112 

HHE 132

HHE 142

HHE 152

HHE 162

Methodology in Home Economics & HospitalityManagement Education

Basic Clothing Education Techniques

Fundamentals of Food Education

Family Living and Population Education

Food and Beverage Services (Restaurant)







BIO 152BIO 154

MAC 112

General Biology IIGeneral Biology Practical

Writing for the Mass Media




GSP 102 The Use of English          II 2



STA 131COS 101

HND 311

FAA 355


Inference 1Introduction to Computer Science

General and Applied Nutrition

Fashion Design Illustration 1







GSP 201GSP 207 The Social ScienceHumanities 1 22


Major Course         Title    Unit
HHE 233HHE 242

HHE 244

HHE 246

HHE 248

HHE 262

Foundation of Cosmetology and Hair DressingTextile Science Education

Meal Management and Safety Education

Household Equipment

Nutrition Management for Food Service Education

Housekeeping in Hospitality Management







MAC 242             Principles of AdvertisingCOS 304             Computer Application





GSP 202              Issues in Peace and Conflict Resolution StudiesGSP 208              Humanities II 22



Major Courses Title Unit
HHE 311HHE 331

VTE 301

HHE 341

HHE 351


HHE 353

HHE 361

HHE 363

Consumer EducationPattern Drafting and Adaption Techniques

Research Design in Vocational and Technical Edu.

Nutrition for the life cycle Education

Housing Design, Interior Decoration and Allied Craft


Family Resource Management Education

Laundry Operations in Hospitality Management

Safety and Security in Hospitality Management










PHP 356                 First Aid and Safety EducationSTA 132                  Inference II 22


Major Courses                       Title Unit 
VTE 302HHE 312

HHE 314

HHE 342

Practical Teaching in Vocational & Technical Edu.Adult Education in Home Economics

Students Industrial Work Experience

Food Preservation and Safety Techniques Edu.







Major Course               Title                                                                                       Unit

EDU 311VTE 401

HHE 411

HHE 421

HHE 421

HHE 431


Educational Psychology IIVocational Guidance

Reproductive Health Education

Home Administration

Child Development and Care

Family Clothing Management Education









CED 341HND 431 Introduction to EntrepreneurshipRecipe Development  and Testing 22


Major Courses                        Title                                                                                         Unit

VTE 402VTE 404

HHE 452

HHE 422

HHE 432

HHE 412

HHE 490

Administration in Vocational & Technical EducationEvaluation in Vocational & Technical Education

Home Administration Practicum

Child Development Practicum

Advanced Clothing Education Techniques

Seminar in Home Economics Education









CED 342 Business Development and Management 2


VTE 101          Foundations of Vocational and Education

Philosophical, sociological, historical and economic foundations – a comparative analysis, content, scope and objectives. Vocational education and national development. Professional opportunities in vocational education

(2 units )

HHE  111        Introduction to Home Economics Education

Meaning and scope of home economics education. Philosophical, social, historical and economic foundations of home economics general and vocational aspects of home economics. Trends in Nigerian home economics. Home economics all over the world. Home economics education and national development.

HHE 112         Methodology in Home Economics Education

Application of the principles of curriculum and course construction. Students should be exposed to techniques in unit/ lesson planning, implementation and evaluation in the different areas of home economics. Problems of classroom and laboratory management practices should be covered. Micro- teaching.

(2 units)

HHE 113        Application of Basic Science in Home Economics & Hosp. Education ChemistryChemical activities in human life matter, elements mixture and compound physical and chemical changes in foods, textile ,laundry ,soap , detergent. Acids bases or suit in the home carbons and its compounds in the home, hair   cream and perfume composition,  oil and margarines . Basic  organic chemistry in foods and textile, Home environment and  pollution.

Physics: Measurements in the Home Equipment and tools for measurement. Density and up thrust in the  home, temperature and measurement , force and pressure in food and their preparation . work energy and power , effects of different temperatures and substance on foods . identifying different nutrients in foods.

Friction and viscosity in laundry work and other aspect of work in the Home heating process and heat transfer through different methods of cooking. Use of electricity in the home Microwave cooking . minor repairs of household tools and equipment

(2 units)

HHE 115         Creativity and Life Skills Education

Creative thinking , Development creative skills utilization of imagination to do things in new and creative ways. Meaning and importance of social skills Development of social skills competencies . understanding creativity problem identification, generation of ideas , planning and implementation.

(2 units)

HHE  132        Basic Clothing Education Techniques

The sewing centre, sewing tools and equipment. The sewing machines, sewing aids e.g. threads, pins zips, buttons and other fasteners, tapes and trimmings, elastics and iron-on products. Basic processes – stitches, seams and seam finishes. Pressing in clothing construction. Sewing terms.  The course involves practical on the use of all sewing tools, equipment and aids including sewing machines. Students would be expected to make albums of all basic processes. Motivation for clothing.

(2 units)

 HHE  142        Fundamentals of Food Education

The course covers the study of the value of foods, food classes, purposes of cooking food. Specific applications of heat in cooking. Factors affecting food composition. Work simplification strategies in food preparation. Specific problems of food education.


HHE  152       Family Living & Population Education

A consideration of family structure, kinship system, mate selection, types of marriage and adjustment among Nigerian cultural groups. Customs affecting marriage in Nigeria, problems of marriage, relationship of family members to one another, and to the larger community. Life cycles in the Nigerian family. Principles of population education, factors determining population trends and pressure, possible courses and consequences of population explosion on countries and the need for population control (family planning). Important elements of sex education.

(2 units)


HHE  161            Introduction to Hospitality Management/Services

  • Meaning of hospitality, historical perspective
  • Overview of the hospitality Industry- Related Fields in the hospitality industry: travel and tourism, lodging, food services, meetings, leisure, recreation etc
  • Hospitality services, types of hospitality services.

Hotel classification, various departments in the hotel and duties of each department.

  • Basic issues on how to take orders for food and drinks, descriptive language in food and drink order, waiters checks, sales control and receipt. Preparation methods, cooking methods, accompaniment etc.      2 Units                                                                          2 Units

HHE  162        Food & Beverage Services (Restaurant)

Purchasing, receiving, storage/issuing,budgeting, controllable    expenses, restaurant accounting, operating ratios and control, menu planning, laying of tables and covers,table accompaniment, equipment for laying the meal table, table linen.

Procedure for food and drinks services: steps in food and drinks service- the use of spoon and fork for meal service. Presentation of bills to guests. Reading guests and building rapport, discovering guests needs

and wants, matching guests with menu items.

-Enhancing opportunities in restaurants costing, selling opportunities. Purchasing methods.

-The service types and styles.

-Bar operators service: Classification of beverage , serving of alcoholic  & non alcoholic drinks, equipment for service of beverages.

– Making of cocktail drinks, beverage management, liquor liability & law.

– Restaurant Equipment and linen use, care & maintenance.

HHE  163       Hospitality/ Catering Equipment

Equipment in the different rooms

–           still room, storage equipment, washing-up salamander, bread slicing machines, worktop and cutting board, ice makers, grinding machines.

–           Beverage making facilities, cocktail equipment

–           Cookeries furniture, specialized service equipment e.g laundry equipment, glassware vending machines.

–           Care and maintenance

VTE  201         Industrial Work Experience  in Vocational & Technical Edu

Analysis of out-of-school employment opportunities. Organization and analysis of Vocational education programme. Programme planning and implementation. Orientation in community-based education. Organization of co-operative education programme –on-the-job experience.


2 Units

HHE 231         Clothing  processes and Techniques

Draft, tucks and pleats, openings , fastening , facings. Cutting and joining crossway , Decorative construction processes. Garment for different family  members.

(2 units)

HHE 232      Foundations of Cosmetology and Hair Dressing

Understanding costmetology. Tools, Equipment and materials for body and hair     care .      care of different parts o the body . the nails, the finger , feet , hair  and skin. Diseases affecting the hair , nails  and skin . personal hygiene , shampooing and conditioning . washing dry , setting and dressing the hair , cutting and styling,  perming and relaxing colouring the hair . salon reception . Health and safety in the salon.

The course should involve practical work in the following areas , manicure , pedicure ,

Hair  styling and production of cosmetics


2 Units

HHE  234        Textile Science Education

Natural Fibres – cotton, linen, silk, wool etc. Synthetic fibres –bsdrf; ciscoes rayon, acetates etc. acrylics, modacrylics. Properties and testing of different fibres. Fabric construction processes. Fabric finishes. Dying and printing.

2 Units

HHE  242        Meal Management and Safety Education

The course covers the management of food activities including the effective use of resources in food activities – time, energy money, equipment etc. Food activity centres. Hygiene and safety principles and practices in meal activities.  Food practices – Egg cookery, fish, meat, snacks, foreign dishes, pasta and rice.  Menu planning, Table setting interpretation and food evaluation.  Practice demonstration of foods.

(2 units)

HHE 244        Nutrition Management Education

                        Healthful food Programs. Types of Food Programs. Government’s information and Participation in food Programs. Nigerian and foreign Food Policy. Food Regulation. Food security and insecurity.

2 Units

HHE  251        Household Equipment

The course is designed to teach students the principles and practical considerations pertaining to household equipment generally and with special emphasis on kitchen and laboratory equipment. It is expected to equip students for intelligent consumption of traditional and modern equipment so that they can select, use and take proper care of the different types of household equipment. The course should involve practical work.

HHE  261             Food and beverages Services   (Kitchen)

Food safety and sanitation in the kitchen, safety rules procedure,

prevention of food contamination, food storage and temperature ,

visitation of health inspector have placed safely rules.

Kitchen organization : types, tasks and specific protein.

  • Menu compilation and standard recipes , recipe development writing of menu cards
  • Food preparation kitchen , cooking method, preparation of soap , sauces and gravies
  • Protein control: food plating , visual appeal plating arranging a food plating . food garnishing process.
  • Cooking appliances and ranges: use care and maintenance
  • Knives in the kitchen

2 Units

HHE  262      Housekeeping  in Hospitality Management

Room checking schedule and room status report , priorities and schedule for room cleaning. Loading the cart for room cleaning, accessing rooms for cleaning, strategies  for cleaning hotel rooms, handling guests properties, inspecting check out room , room cleaning methods and tips , dusting and surface cleaning , bed making and cleaning bathrooms, toilets, special cleaning duties eg. Clearing  and surface  and ironing boards, fridge , removing stain , cleaning public areas.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 (2 units)

HHE  302        Industrial Work Experience II

Student application of the basic principles and practices of organization of occupational experience programmes. Students will take part in students Industrial Work Experience Services (SIWES) and Operation Feed the Nation (OFN) programmes of their equivalents.

(1 unit)

 VTE  302         Evaluation in Vocational Education

Theories and approaches to evaluation in vocational education. Current methodology in evaluation, such as criterion-referencing, cost-benefit analysis, cost effectiveness, programme evaluation and review techniques (PERT), follow-up studies, input, output processes, etc. distinction between curriculum and instructional valuation; evaluation and measurement as they affect general and vocational education.

(2 units)

 VTE  304         Research Design in Vocational Education

Techniques of empirical study, including design of various types of study; methods of collection, data analysis; simple ways of testing hypotheses and methods of writing a research proposal.

(2 units)

 HHE  311        Consumer Education

Meaning and importance of consumer education. The problems of the consumer. Consumer rights and responsibilities. Principles of consumer education. Consumer education in management of families resources and goals. National and international consumer agencies. Buying and selling practices. The market. Cooperatives.

(2 units)

HHE  312        Adult Education in Home Economics Education

The role of the adult in the Nigerian family and society. Meaning and importance of adult education. Problems – social psychological, philosophical, etc. – facing the Nigerian adults. Ways and means of enhancing the adults participation in the development of the family and community. Adult education programmes. Planning, implementing and evaluating adult education programmes,

(2 units)

HHE  331        Pattern Drafting and Adaptation Techniques

Pattern drafting – block patterns bodice, skirt and sleeve. Pattern adaptation processes. Manipulation of darts. Creation and control of fullness. Adaptation for style, features – sleeves, collars, pockets etc.

Trouser pattern. Commercial patterns. Basic pattern alternation

                                                                                                                        (2 units)

 HHE  333        Housing Design, Interior Decoration and Allied Craft Education

Housing needs, different types of houses& designs, Elements of design. Colours, lines,forms,patterns,textures. Utilizing the elements in clothing, and housing.Interior decoration. Home furniture, Landscaping, flower arrangement. Decoration accessories. Paintings. Curtains and blinds. Floor coverings. Indegigenous handicrafts and assorted crafts and assorted crafts. Students would be required to utilize the elements of design in the production of at least two craft items.

2 Units

HHE   341       Nutrition for the life cycle Education

                       Body composition, components of physical fitness, Benefits of fitness and related issues. Disease protection through nutrition e.g  obesity, etc Nutrition before pregnancy Nutrition during pregnancy. Maternal Nutrition during infancy, nutrition in childhood, nutrition in adolescence, nutrition for adults (young and middle age). Nutrition and the ageing.

2 Units

HHE 342        Food Preservation Techniques Education

                       Food preservation concepts, methods of preservation, dry and wet  preservation Advantages and disadvantages. Chemical method, Traditional methods etc.  Practicals needed to show examples of different methods of preservation

HHE   351       Family Resource Management Education

                      Concept of family resources. Classes and types of resources: human,   temporal, environmental  etc management of family resources. Developing family resources.

2 Units

 HHE 361      Laundary Operations in Hospitality Management

Cleaning agents, use and care of housekeeping equipment –manual equipment ,      mechanical, electrical , storage etc washing of linen .

Laundry equipment – use, care and maintenance

Laundry operation- Sorting, washing ,rinsing, drying ,ironing, storage and                            care  etc

HHE  363      Safety and Security in Hospitality Management

  • Safety and Security in Hotels, types of keys, handling of lost properties

and Valuables

  • Key control procedure, fire fighting equipment
  • Fire Prevention . First Aid
  • Attitude of operations in Hotel & Personal appearances, characteristics,

work ethics

  • Planning for meeting, conventions, Event management and specialized


2 Units

VTE  401         Vocational Guidance

An introductory course in the principles and practices of vocational guidance. Emphasis is on problems in schools. Historical, philosophical, psychological and socio-economic foundations of the guidance movement, and courses in career education.

(2 units)

VTE  402         Administration of Vocational Education

Study of the philosophical, historical, social and psychological foundations underlying the organization, administration and teaching of vocational and practical arts education. Examination of existing patterns in Nigeria.

(2 units)

HHE  412        Seminar in Home Economics Education

Identification and study of some of the major issues currently facing Nigerian Education and its authorities regarding the role and nature of home economics education in the nation school system. Managerial and instructional problems of home economics teachers. Students’ problems in choosing careers in the home economics occupation. Students would be expected to carry out independent study and do oral presentation of such study.

(2 units)

HHE  421        Child Development and Care

The course presents a developmental overview of the child from conception through pre-school age. It teaches child care, creation of conducive environment for child growth and development; growth and use of motor skills; socio- personality and intellectual developments of the Nigerian child.

2 Units

HHE  422        Child Development Practicum

Students will be practically involved in working with and relating to pre-school age children in Nursery schools and Day care centres. They will be involved in the development and application (use) of materials that promote physical, mental, socio-emotional and cultural developments of children. The practicum will involve two hours of field work each week.

(2 units)

HHE  431        Family Clothing Maintenance Education

The course is designed to enable students gain further insight into the properties of different fibres, affect of dirt and perspiration on textiles;  cleaning agents, laundry accessories, laundry equipment, stains and stain removal; laundry of different fabrics and special treatment of fabrics. The need for laundry work among youths in secondary schools and adult at home. Detergent and detergency. Soap making.

(2 units)

HHE  432        Advanced Clothing Education Techniques

Darts and tucks, pleats, gathering, shirring, smocking, and ruffles. Necklines, collars. Buttons and other fastners. Sewing for the family; Adult and children’s clothes. Course will involve making the following articles, album of advanced sewing techniques, skirt, blouse, challenging fabrics, party wear and a jacket. Final examination would include speed test.

(2 units)

HHE  451        Home Administration

Meaning, scope and principles of home administration. Decision –making. Motivation for home administration. Planning, Organizing, Implementing and Evaluation of both human and material resources in the home to meet family needs. Management of time, energy, money, work simplification. Economic security of the family. Communication patterns in the family. Management of family crises.

(2 units)

HHE  452        Home Administration Practicum

This course involves students spending a stipulated length of time in the home management residence or a suitable alternative. It affords students opportunity to apply all they have learnt in the home administration course and other courses as they manage the resources of time, energy, money etc in meeting the needs of the inmates of the residence. Students would demonstrate skills in meal management, house care, entertaining, home nursing, human relationship, interior decoration and other related home-making activities. There should be a practical examination at the end of the practicum.

(2 units)

HHE  453        Reproductive Health Education

                       Meaning and importance of reproductive health. United Nations stipulations on reproductive health. National policy on reproductive health. Adolescent reproductive health. Adults (women and men) reproductive health. Challenges of reproductive health. Gender issues in reproductive health.

2 Units

 HHE  490        Project

Guided investigation of topics pertinent to the family and Home Economics Education in Nigeria.

(4 units)